10 interesting facts about Bingo game

Surely all of us know or have played Bingo because this is a simple, popular, and extremely familiar game. With simple rules and can be played anytime, anywhere, this game also brings a feeling of thrill and excitement when we cross out all the numbers and shout “Bingo game”. It’s so easy to play, but perhaps few people know the truth behind this game. So today, let’s join Jilihot to learn those interesting facts in this article!

Bingo originates from Italy

Bingo originates from Italy

The Bingo game originated in the 16th century in Italy under the name Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. In the 18th century, this game was introduced to France and called Le Lotto. This game became popular in England and Germany in the 19th century.

From Beano to Bingo

Edwin S. Lowe, a toy salesman in New York, invented the modern version of Bingo. He came up with the idea of this game in the 1920s, after witnessing the Beano game at a fair in Florida and trying it out with friends. During one game, a friend got too excited and shouted “Bingo” instead of “Beano” when he won.

Bingo Card

Bingo Card

Edwin S. Lowe worked together with Carl Leffler, a mathematics professor from Columbian University, to invent at least 6000 unique Bingo card combinations.

How many ways are there to arrange numbers in a Bingo card?

According to calculations, there are actually about 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 ways to arrange the numbers in a bingo card.

How many number combinations are there to win a Bingo card?

In a standard Bingo card (usually 5×5), players can have up to 1,474,200 different number combinations to win.

Variations of Bingo cards

There are many different variations of Bingo cards. Bingo cards can be numbers, or they can be words, images or symbols.

Popular pages for playing Bingo

Being a simple game, Bingo is popular among most ages and anyone can play. However, the popular group of Bingo players is under the age of 35.

The world’s largest Bingo game

In 1986, the largest Bingo game in history took place in Jacksonville, Florida, with 600,000 attendees.

Benefits of the Bingo game

Benefits of the Bingo game

Playing Bingo is effective in improving cognitive abilities and effectively reduces stress. Not only that, this game is also effective in increasing concentration as well as hand-eye coordination!

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Bingo – educational game

The Germans brought a new twist to this game when applying it for educational purposes. In the 1800s, this game was used to teach children multiplication tables, spelling, animals and history. What could be more interesting than when children can both learn and play a version of Bingo? This game is not only used to teach new concepts but is also very effective in helping students review old concepts. What a fun and educational game!


Bingo is a familiar game but also contains many interesting facts. In particular, this game is widely used in education because of the benefits it brings. What new things will there be in the Bingo game application in the event to welcome the new school year, “Back to School” this year? Please join Jilihot in waiting for the secret that will be revealed in the near future!

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