Dragon Tiger Game – Instructions for Beginners

Understanding how to play Dragon Tiger Game helps players who love betting games have an extremely interesting entertainment solution to make money from popular games at these online casinos. The article below, 50JILI will introduce readers to the Dragon Tiger, how to play, and points to note to play effectively.

General information about the game this

General information about the game Dragon Tiger Game

Below is some basic information about the Dragon Tiger that we want to share with readers before going into instructions on how to play the game.

Game Origin

Is a game also known by another name, Dragon & Tiger. The origin of the game comes from Asia; some sources also say that the homeland of this game is Southeast Asia, where the leading Eastern casinos appear in Thailand, Cambodia, or the Philippines. .

Dragon Tiger was introduced to Vietnam through neighboring Cambodia and Thailand at real casinos and is becoming more and more popular thanks to the popularity of online bookmakers globally.

The attraction of the dragon tiger

The attraction of Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a game that is considered easy to play and easy to participate in for everyone, no matter what form they play. The game has simple rules, a public and transparent reward calculation, and besides the element of chance, there is also mental judgment to win the game, so it always attracts everyone to participate.

Dragon Tiger game is popular today in every online casino in the world. Especially at Asian online bookmakers, Dragon & Tiger game is always the top game product and chosen by the majority of players.

How to play Dragon Tiger: Things players need to know

How to play Dragon Tiger - Things players need to know

Popular in international casinos under the name Dragon & Tiger, This is a familiar name that many players have heard of. The casino games section will provide simple ways to play games to interested players through the content below.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

Dragon Tiger is a card that uses a deck of 52 cards, usually a random shuffle of 6 to 8 decks of cards, to draw random cards. The activities of this card game at casinos are usually led by a waiter or dealer who randomly deals cards into two Dragon and Tiger boxes.

Dragon Tiger card is a prediction and betting card game. The way to play Dragon Tiger is quite simple, as the player only needs to choose the possibilities from two cards dealt in two boxes. The result returned if the player’s choice is correct is Dragon or Tiger, with three possibilities: Dragon wins, Tiger wins or draws.

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The scores used for comparison in the game Dragon & Tiger are conventionally arranged from smallest to largest in order of cards from A to K. where A is the smallest card and K is the card with the greatest value in terms of score.

How to play? Learn about betting options

How to play Dragon Tiger: learn about betting options

Dragon Tiger is extremely simple, with a random way of determining wins and losses. The game also offers many betting formats to enrich players’ betting participation.

When coming to the game, players can come up with options such as:

  • Bet Over/Under: bet big or small on card values
  • Even/odd bet: Bet on even/odd value of the cards
  • Bet according to suit: Bet on the black/red suit of the cards
  • Bet on winning bet: bet on Dragon or Tiger.
  • Bet on draw
  • The odds of each bet are different depending on the odds offered by each bookmaker for players to choose from.

Some experience playing Dragon & Tiger

Some experience playing Dragon & Tiger

Playing a game is extremely simple and does not take too much time to finish a game. Experience for players to effectively play games in the Dragon Tiger is:

  • Players must always maintain a stable and calm mentality when playing to make quick and solid betting decisions when on the Dragon and Tiger betting table.
  • You need to control your finances, build an appropriate amount of playing capital, manage your capital well and never be impatient when playing.
  • Some strategic ways to play games, such as raising bets and folding bets, need to be learned from other experts and practiced a lot to be effective.
  • Remember that any reference to how to play from different sources only brings experience and does not help much in your betting, accumulate knowledge and be alert in your game.


What is the Dragon Tiger game, and how to play Dragon Tiger simply has been shared with readers through a comprehensive article from card game experts Jilihot. Before participating in Dragon & Tiger, remember to prepare carefully with knowledge, game rules and learn about the house you are about to experience to get the best results.

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