How To Spot Fixed Matches

When watching a football match or betting on football, one of the reasons that can cause the match results to be manipulated and lead to results that are not as you predicted is the problem of match-fixing. So how recognize fixed matches? Let’s find out more about this issue with bookmaker JILIHOT.

What is meant by match-fixing?

What is meant by match-fixing?

Match-fixing is defined as the attempt to influence the outcome of a football match by paying money or promising other rewards to players, coaches, or referees. To make the outcome of the match more suitable to the purpose of the person who intentionally caused this behavior. The purpose of the act of fixing is mainly related to economics and sometimes honor and reputation. This is an act that violates the law and sports ethics, and this can lead to serious consequences for those who participate in this behavior.

Statistics on fixed matches in football

In reality, it is difficult to accurately assess the extent and frequency of match-fixing in football due to its secretive nature and its difficulty in detecting. However, reports and statistics indicate that this situation is occurring in many countries worldwide.

Statistics on fixed matches in football

According to a FIFA report, approximately 1% – 2% of matches played globally each year are at risk of being fixed. In addition, a 2013 Europol report found a large-scale match-fixing network in Asia, affecting more than 380 football matches worldwide.

Asian countries, especially China and Malaysia, are said to be the most serious match-fixing hotspots. However, Europe is not the promised land either, with some matches suspected of being fixed in major tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League.

However, it should be noted that these figures are only estimates and cannot be completely accurate. Preventing and combating match-fixing is an ongoing task for football organizations and governments around the world.

Signs to identify fixed matches bookmakers

Identifying whether a match is fixed or not can be a difficult task. Here are some signs that may indicate that a match is suspiciously fixed:

Signs to identify fixed matches bookmakers

Odds Abnormalities

Before each match, odds are usually determined based on information about the team’s lineup, form, previous match results, and other factors. If the odds on a match change suddenly or are inconsistent compared to other matches, this may indicate that some people are trying to interfere with the match by placing bets.

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Suspicious discrepancies in football match scores

A fixed match will typically have a score that is significantly different and unreasonable relative to the abilities of the two teams. For example, a weak team beats a strong team by a large score or the leading team suddenly loses points in the last minutes.

Excessive fouls and cards

Some matches that are match-fixed may have an excessive number of fouls or cards being handed out by the referee. This suggests that the players or the referee are trying to influence the outcome of the match.

Changes in formation

A team uses an unusual or inconsistent formation compared to what is expected. it may suggest that the team is trying to execute a special plan to manipulate the match outcome. These are just signs to help you recognize matches that are deliberately being fixed. However, uncovering match-fixing is a relatively difficult thing.


In short, fixed matches are an unacceptable behavior in football and sports in general, and it should be condemned and expelled. If you are participating in betting, be careful with matches suspected of being fixed. Hopefully, the shared sports knowledge will be helpful to you. Thank you for reading this article.

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