List of Top 5 Best Defenders in the World

In the current era, the role of a full-back is not limited to defensive duties but also expands to creative and dangerous attacking roles. In particular, the role of the right-back in a football team becomes extremely important and makes an undeniable contribution. Therefore, we will join JILIHOT in reviewing the list of the List of Top 5 Best Defenders in the World today.

Reece James (Chelsea)

Reece James (Chelsea)

Reece James is an English professional football player who plays as a right-back for Chelsea Club and the England national team.

As one of the most comprehensive players at Chelsea, Reece James is capable of playing in many different positions. Although he can play both as a defender and as a wing-back, James is often considered to be at his best when playing the right-back role. This season, he has shown versatility and high performance in both roles.

With his accurate crossing ability and ability to control the ball in the middle of the field, James has shown the variety and flexibility in Chelsea’s playing style. A prime example is his goal from 27 meters away against Brighton in the first round of the Premier League, demonstrating his versatility and performance.

From his positional versatility to his ability to attack and defend, Reece James has proven himself to be one of Chelsea’s most outstanding and essential defenders.

Achraf Hakimi (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achraf Hakimi (Paris Saint-Germain)

Achraf Hakimi (January 4, 1998), is a Moroccan professional football player, currently playing for PSG Club in Ligue 1 and the Moroccan national team. Playing primarily as a right-back, Hakimi also occasionally takes on the role of an attacking full-back.

Competing at PSG provides Hakimi with the opportunity to work with top stars and develop his skills in both defense and attack. This is the ideal environment for him to improve and become a better right-back.

Kieran Trippier (Newcastle United)

Kieran Trippier (September 19, 1990) is an English football player who plays as a right-back for Newcastle United in the Premier League and the England national team.

Trippier is considered a monument in English football, an exemplary and fierce captain. Since the day he joined Newcastle, he has shown maturity and experience through every play. The challenges and difficulties he has experienced throughout his career have helped him become a player with the best qualities today.

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Joao Cancelo (Manchester City)

Joao Cancelo (Manchester City)

Joao Cancelo (May 27, 1984) is a Portuguese professional football player, playing as a right-back for Manchester City Club and the Portuguese national team. With a creative, skillful, strong, and versatile personality, Cancelo is considered one of the world’s top full-backs.

The defender’s diagonal crosses from the wing are one of Manchester City’s unpredictable means. If Cancelo uses his right foot to cross the ball inside, it will create a risk for the opponent’s goal. If you use the outside of your right foot, it will be special. Even if he doesn’t cross, he still can penetrate the opponent’s inner corridor.

Kyle Walker (Manchester City)

In 2017, Manchester City had to spend up to 54 million pounds to recruit Kyle Walker to Etihad Stadium. At that time, this was a record transfer price for a defender. Kyle Andrew Walker (May 28, 1990) is an English football player, currently playing for Manchester City Club and the England national team as a right-back.

Speed ​​and the ability to accurately tackle the ball are considered Kyle Walker’s strengths. In addition, his ability to read the game is also a notable advantage. Fans of the England team can see Walker’s ability to judge situations and excellent defensive skills through the match between England and Germany at Euro 2020.

Conclude List of Top 5 Best Defenders in the World

In football, the role of the defender is always extremely important and cannot be denied. The Top 5 Best Defenders in the World have stood out thanks to their defensive excellence, leadership ability, and fighting spirit. With stability and smart intervention, they have made their teams stronger and more formidable. Whether working alone or in collaboration with teammates, they have left a deep mark in the history of world football. We cannot deny their influence and contribution to the success of football teams, and this will certainly continue in the future.

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