Discover European Handicap From A to Z at JILIHOT

There are many types of bets on the house odds table today, with countless different types of bets. From Asian odds, over/under odds, corner kicks… combined together to form a “plot matrix” in the eyes of first-time players. However, there is a very simple and popular type of bet for newbies: European Handicap. So what is this bet and how to play it? Let’s find out with JILIHOT in the article below.

Discover European Handicap at JILIHOT

Discover European Handicap at JILIHOT

Odds, also known internationally as Odds, is a very simple and easy to understand type of bet. The name itself clearly shows that this bet originates from European bookmakers, so it is not surprising if you bet on international sites and always see this type of bet.

European odds on the odds board will display the symbol 1×2, with its extremely subtle meaning. 1 is the home team, 2 is the away team, x is a draw, which also means that whichever position you bet on, when you win, the bonus will be calculated at that position.

The difference between this type of bet and the Asian one is the draw bet. The odds of a tie bet are often many times higher than the capital, providing a higher chance of making money for players. Because of this simplicity, European betting is the most popular among beginner players.

Important points when playing European handicap 2023

Important points when playing European handicap 2023

Like other types of bets, European bets have both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to the Asian market, especially the Vietnamese market. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of 1×2 bets:

Advantages of European handicap 2023

The 1×2 bet is considered a simple and easy to understand bet for new soccer betting players. Because the game rules only require betting on the winning or drawing team to complete. With this way of playing, players do not need too much knowledge to understand how to bet at any house. Thanks to that, online betting is popular with all players and all different classes.

Betting opportunities are richer, instead of 2 options, with European odds, players have 3 options with different winning rates. Therefore, in matches where there are teams with very high differences in performance… it is easy to choose a bet and win simply.

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Disadvantages of 1×2 betting when playing

n addition, there are also basic disadvantages that make the Asian gaming community dislike, such as:

The probability of 3 options is extremely low at 33%, this is not necessarily the optimal bet if players want to make money quickly.

With many big matches, ball handicap betting in Asia seems to be safer and more advantageous than 1×2 betting. Because the chance of a draw is very high, 1×2 big matches will be disadvantageous to the player. While for the same ball bet, when the score is tied, the player gets a refund.

The control of bookmakers or market leaders by the 1×2 bet. This is the type of bet that is most easily manipulated by bookmakers. In particular, bookmakers only use computers to calculate probability. This manipulation often takes place in pre-arranged matches. This will make the 1×2 bet worse for the player.

Notes when playing European odds

Notes when playing European odds

And there are also things to note when playing 1×2 odds at JILIHOT as well as other bookmakers, with similar bookie odds tables:

Odds include bet amount

The odds displayed are US odds or European odds, which means the odds include the bet. It can be understood that the 1×2 ratio when placing a tie bet is 5.2, which means that if you bet 100,000, you will win 520,000 (including 100,000 original). So the profit is 420 thousand.

Pay attention when the match is on neutral ground

For matches with the symbol N – meaning the match is at a neutral field: then the home team and the away team will not be distinguishable. In this situation, 1 will be assigned to the team standing first on the bulletin board, and 2 will be the team standing behind. This makes some bookmakers confused, leading to incorrect information being updated. Therefore, canceling the bet is very unfortunate for the player.


Above is useful and important information for European Handicap, especially when participating in bookmaker JILIHOT. Hopefully, through the above information, those new to soccer betting will feel more secure and confident when playing. Please continuously update new information at sports betting tips on this JILIHOT page.

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